Transferring Ubuntu to Another Hard Drive


Pay attention to the correct and useful article on Habré – ” Description of the process of transferring Ubuntu 9.10 to another hard drive (without using Ghost, Acronis True Image etc …)”.

The article describes in detail how to transfer the entire operating system and all data to a new hard drive, without losing information and without using complex software tools. It also explains how to properly recreate the Grub bootloader configuration for a migrated system.

What is especially pleasing is that the author recommends using rsync for data transfer, which I personally completely agree with! rsync is just a magic tool for copying data correctly.

Why is this needed? Each has its own story. Most often, this is a banal hard drive upgrade. Nevertheless, the article will certainly come in handy, if not right now, then in the future – for sure!

Transferring Ubuntu to Another Hard Drive

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